Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Differences (The Devil Wears Prada): From Page to Screen

  •  Andrea Sachs is a graduate of Brown University in the book. In the movie, she is a graduate of Northwestern University. 
  • Stanley Tucci's character of "Nigel" exists in the novel as a combination of "Jeffy" and “Nigel”, who each play a smaller role in the story. 
  • Andrea smokes in the novel. 
  • Miranda's senior assistant, Emily, seems is more sympathetic in comparison to how she is portrayed in the movie. 
  • In the book, Andrea must get the latest Harry Potter book early. In the movie, she must obtain the Harry Potter manuscript. 
  • Miranda Priestley's physical appearance in the movie is different from how she is described in the novel. (silver/gray hair instead of a blonde bob) 
  • Miranda's twin daughters have black hair in the book. They have red/brown hair in the movie. 
  • Andrea first lives in an apartment with two girls (Kendra/Shanti). She later moves in with her friend Lily. She never lives with her boyfriend. 
  • When Andrea first goes to be interviewed for the position, she speaks to a series of girls before seeing Miranda. In the movie, Andrea only speaks to Emily Blunt's character, Emily before seeing Miranda. 
  • In the movie, when Andrea first drops "The Book" off, she is mislead by the twins and she places the book on the stairs. She drops "The Book" off alone in the movie. In the book, Emily goes with her for her first dropping off of “The Book", and Andrea speaks to Miranda while her family is eating dinner.
  • Andrea's boyfriend is Alex in the novel, while it is Nate in the movie. 
  • Alex is a school teacher in the novel, while he (Nate) is a cook in the film. 
  • In the novel, Andrea's parents play a larger role, while Andrea's father is only seen once in the movie and her mother is never seen. 
  • Miranda's twins have a nanny named Cara in the book. Andrea interacts with Cara on the phone. These interactions do not take place in the movie. 
  • There are more characters in the book, such as Uri (Miranda's driver), Eduardo (the annoying doorman type person at the Elias-Clark building) and Sebastian (a dedicated chef at the restaurant where Miranda gets her lunch.) 
  • In the novel, Andrea buys extra Starbucks coffee to give to people on the streets. This is not shown in the movie, but it is shown in the deleted scenes. Andrea also always gives her morning cab drivers extra money.  
  • At the party at the Met, Andrea is with another worker from the Met, not Emily. 
  • Emily does not go to Paris because she has mono in the novel. Emily does not go to Paris in the movie because Andrea is Miranda's preferred choice. 
  • While in Paris, Andrea is urged by her friends/family to return home because her friend Lily is in trouble. This encounter does not happen in the movie. Also, Andrea talks back to Miranda and is fired. In the movie, she simply walks off. In the novel, Emily fires Andrea. 
  • The presence of "Page Six" and the fear of paparazzi reporting on Miranda's workers' complaints is in the novel. 
  • At the end of the book, Andrea sells a story to Seventeen magazine and makes money by selling her designer clothes from Paris. In the movie, Andrea gives her clothes from Paris to Emily. 
  • Andrea and her boyfriend never get back together in the book. 
  • Andrea sees Miranda's new junior assistant at the end of the book, while in the movie, Andrea sees Miranda again across the street. 
  • At the end of the book, Andrea moves in with her parents, while at the finish of the movie, Andrea has found a new job already.
*Meryl Streep in character is pictured below. On the left is Anna Wintour, who is believed to be the inspiration for Miranda Priestly in the novel. 

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